Görzer Allee 32 , 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria
Phone:+43 664 461 01 63

SpeedJet GmbH
Görzer Allee 32
Klagenfurt, Austria

Email: rastko@speedjet60.com

PHONE: :+43 664 461 01 62




Based on my 30 years business experience in automatic IDentification & Logistic:

- I start to make data collection solutions with Datalogic first mobile terminal PC32 in 1986

- I start to integrate Caere Corp. OCR cheque readers in 1988 & I was rewared as best non US distributor

  - mark history in Slovenija with OCR coded Utility invoice STANDARD

- was UN recognized supplier for military missions in ex Yugoslavia & Lebanon 

- Was Intermec distributor from 1995 

- selling solutions to: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Brasil, South Africa, Israel 

  - big customers like: Post, banks, ministry for interior (passports), defence ministry (assets control), energy sector, public companies


I am/was for 25 years owner of several companies named IDenticus 



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