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OCR 3300 reader 

Reading travel documents - passports, visas & personal ID cards
OCR 3300 reader can read all documents printed with ICAO OCR standard. It can read up to three OCR lines and is ideal data entry tool for hotel receptions. Eays to install, easy to use. 

                                                                          pdf1.gif  OCR 3300

Our software integration include:                                                                                                                            

   -   verify document type (passport, visa, ID card)
   -   data extract and sort (first name, last name, serijal number, birth date, county of residence, etc.)
   -   keyboard wegde data transfer in existing screen mask
   -   possible to embed all keyboard scan codesUSB priključek

Installation OCR 3300 reader is simple - via USB port emulating keyboard wede. No additional power requested. Solution is operating system and application undepandable.



  Solutuion benefits:                                                                                                                            
   -  small footprint
   -  manual document swipe
   -  USB connection
   -  no need to change screen mask
   -  bi directional reading
   -  input and output data string programming
   -  plug & play

OCR 3300 read following data:

     •    ICAO Compliant                                                                                                                                                   
     •    1, 2 ali 3 lines MRZ data
    OCR čitalec serije 3300 bere naslednje:
         1,2 ali 3 lines OCR data                                                                                                     
     OCR 3300 bere naslednje OCR podatke:

   -   AIrline companies 
   -   Hotel receptions